Playing Chess

Posted on 2015 Dec 19, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
  Rabbi Rich uses Chess to draw lessons for life.
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Refuat Haguf: Restoring broken emotions (Inner Healing Part 3)

Posted on 2015 Dec 05, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
So many people are hurting inside. What do we do about that in the prayer room? Yeshua came to heal the brokenhearted. He’s still doing it today. In this message Rabbi Nathan talks about how Yeshua is able to touch and transform traumatic experiences and hurt emotions.
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Take a Tour Through our New Website!

Posted on 2015 Nov 19, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
Take a tour through our new website!
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Healing of our Identity Part B (Inner Healing Series 2b)

Posted on 2015 Nov 07, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
In part 2 of this series on identity, Rabbi Nathan further explores how the deeper wounds we can experience can distort our self image.  Yet, there is healing even from the most painful experiences or darkest places in our hearts. Listen to the next message in this series here: Inner Healing 3:
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