The Simcha Factor – Part 2

Posted on 2022 May 14, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 In his Shabbat drash, Rabbi Rich continues to explore the all-important subject of joy. Relying on the teaching of Yeshua, on insights offered by the Baal Shem Tov and a remarkable scene from the movie Prince of Egypt, he explores a key element in the “joy equation” – the vital
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The Simcha Factor

Posted on 2022 May 07, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 In his drash Rabbi Rich discusses the most critical element in all spiritual growth – JOY! Based on the teachings of Scripture and the most recent revelations of neuroscience, the Simcha (joy) Factor can make all the difference, especially as we all navigate this difficult moment of
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Looking Deeply at Isaiah 53 (part 3)

Posted on 2022 Apr 30, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 In this concluding drash on the most powerful prophetic picture of Messiah, Rabbi Rich brings together themes which point to one fabulous conclusion – the self-sacrificial love of the God of Israel.Don’t miss it! As Isaiah the Prophet noted elsewhere “In all their (Israel’s )
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The Resurrection Story Through the Gaps – Harmonizing the Four Accounts

Posted on 2022 Apr 23, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 People have critiqued Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for their different emphasis on how they tell Yeshua’s resurection. In fact, Tovia Singer published a document detailing over 20 “discrepancies” between these accounts claiming the accounts fraudulent. Let’s take a
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